Small/Petite Girls & Tall/Muscular Men...The Connection?

topic posted Sun, April 17, 2005 - 7:42 PM by  Nick
How many of you ladies that are small girls or petite, really enjoy being in the company of a attractive and taller/bigger guy? What are the benifits and why do some ladies like this so much? I would love to hear your input/experiences ladies so please share!

Thanks... -Nick-


I have also posted this topic over on the "shy and kinky" (or is it "shy but kinky"?) tribe as well as the "itty bitty titty committie" and hope to continue to recieve really good responses - Hopefully we will experience the same mass response here. This could wind up being a really big topic on this tribe group! - let see!
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  • I will share what a couple girls said as well as what one guy had to say concerning this topic from over in those other "tribes" I mentioned in my last post. Following is what was said in those posts/tribes just recently, along with how I responded to what those individuals had to share... Hopefully this will spurn added depth and discussion from some of you female (and male - for insight balance) members within this group! Let's see.

    One Girl Said:

    "i like a bigger man because i love the idea of his ability to take control of my body. the idea that he could lift me up and i would be helpless in his arms. sleeping with a bigger man is also lovely, in the sense that his body envelopes you so you feel small and safe and warm. it's hard to explain i guess ~ but yeah ~ larger/taller men are wonderful."

    Another Girl Said:

    "i like tall/bigger, no specific reason...just always went for that type."

    -to which I replied to her short post with:

    "Thanks for your input. Im curious though if you say you have always "went for that type". May it stem, from a psychological thing, where you may be attracted to "that type" becuase - as I have heard it said, that we are attracted to people that remind us of our parents or some family member - either in the positive's about thier looks or in the mannerism's they have that as a person growing up you always were used to or perhaps, like or admired? Just curious...when i read your post I thought it might be because of the fact you might have a tall/big father or brother. Might this be true? Im sure others would love to know!"

    Here is what one guy said:

    "I'm a big man, mostly muscular and especially in the upper body. Personally, I've always been attracted to the petite women. I reckon it's a case of opposites attracts, but I can't resist giving pleasure to smaller women."

    -To which I replied to him with some personal insight with this:

    "I understand exactly where your coming from dave, It is always kind of nice to make those petite, perhaps insecure - little hotties feel safe and cared for in your presence. I know I at least feel like a "wanted" proctector when I am around that type of girl. Regardless if it works out that we continue dating or not, that "type" of girl (from my experiences) ussually enjoy's hanging out as freinds whenever the oppurtunity arises or will find a way to call me first if she is ever in a sticky situation where her car is broke down or somethign paticularly depressing to her has happened and she need's someone to confide in ect. I have to admit, it is a really good feeling when a girl feels this way about you. I know it sure makes me feel like a really good, wholesome type all-around guy. You know, the "type" that when a girl is talking with her girlfriends about guy's in general - you might hear her say something like:

    "Oh my god, that nick is the nicest guy!" "He is so sweet!" "Can you believe he helped me with my flat tire out on the expressway the other day" "That boy is so freindly - he didn't even act like it bothered him!" "Lisa, you know him pretty well too dont you?" "Do you know if he is dating anyone?" "Im asking cuz I havent asked him lately"

    That's what makes me (or would make me again) feel like a true "man" ---------> When I hear of something like that - said about me... especially from some of these sexy petite hotties ( I especially love those small waisted, tight stomach, and if im lucky - tight jean wearing, small chested "type" girls!) I see nowadays. You know, the type that cathes my eye (and im sure your's & alot of other guy's as well!) everytime I am trying to "shop" at the mall or "swim" at the local apartment complex's pool, or attend my classes at college/school - Thats what gets me distracted and flustered - I dont know you type of girls just "always" have.

    You know what would be really great is to someday find out I have one of these type of female freind who for some reason or another confides in me that she is bi-sexual. I wouldnt act immature about it, but I sure would be asking her to go to the mall alot to tell me what she thinks "so & so" or "this & that" looks on me. It would be especially interesting once I have found this about her cuz at least I know I wouldnt be getting slapped (happened once on a date) or upset at for checking out other girls as we walked around. Heck, if I was lucky she may check out the hotties along with me! That would be the bomb - to have a chick-friend like that! Not to mention the fact and added benefit you might have in being able to witness various things about her that she does or in how she acts in instances with other girls (possible girlfriends!) that she has when you are around! The type of set-up at least for this guy - would be dope!

    I would really love to hear some more input from some of the ideas and things I touched on in this article. I really love to hear detail and insight in what people post, thier are so many topics that are interesting we could talk about people (ladies!) what else is out there we could share and discuss?"


    So in showing you all of that rhetoric on the issue - what I am curious to know is if any of you that are a part of this paticularly fun group (especially any of you "petite" ladies!") would have anything to say on this topic of petite girls that like or are with Tall/Big Guys....Anyone in here care to get us going?

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      I wish it were all just a preferrence thing, some quirk that resulted in some random results, however, it's much more deliberate than anyone admits, and the results are disastrous demographically. (I look forward to everyone's hate mail on this.)

      I know a tall woman, 6'2", and she has the hardest time finding a man her size. She and I talk about it regularly. And you can imagine the hell the poor gal goes through having to date guys six inches shorter than she is. So she searches for years for a tall guy to look compatible with, however, all the tall guys are taken by petite women. Since tall men, for whatever reason, are seen by most women, in this new neo-conservative alpha-male sort of throw-back 50's type era we're in now, as the way to go, then it stands to reason that the most marketable women will be able to land them. And since guys are now hot for petite women, probably, especially thin one ones, then, of course, since thin women get their choice of whoever they want, they choose, and take up, all the tall ones.

      So then the tall and fat ones are left to date only short thin guys. So then not only do the short guys and the tall gals and the slender guys and the fat girls all fail to get someone their own height and thinness. But disastrously, all the thin and short women are taken up, so that slender guys of even some decent height, must date either wildly tall women are really fat ones.

      So, in addition to the horrid loss of not getting one's goal, then one is forced into this tragicomedy of having to date with total body mismatches. This is why most of the time you see slender short guys with either really large women who drawf them, which, let's face it, looks very awkward, or those guys just opt to not date at all because it just feels funny for them to date a gal so much larger than them. Again, guys under six foot tall have a hard time scoring a gal shorter than them who is also thin, which means their choice is, either go out with a woman a lot larger than them, or don't date. Hence all the celibate old bald skinny guys in their late 40s.

      Then, as if God weren't cruel enough already, all the large women I know must either go out with men who look small enough, compared to their large bodies, to be the sons of those women, which creates kind of a mommy thing which is just hard for the guy to take, and the gal too by the way, because those women have told me so personally, or these gals must then just be relegated to celibacy also.

      The men, in all fairness, usually have a way out because if they're short and bald and skinny, they can always just become work-a-holic and just flat out make tons of money, in which case the thin gals come around after all, since hunky guys are the best thing, unless some solid yacht-style living is available, in which case they drop the hunks for the money dudes.

      But a tall and heavy woman, wow, that's just a stumper, because she can't usually buy her way out of the situation like a guy can, and so then what, date guys who look like little boys next to her? It's a true terror for them. Several of these poor gals are my friends and they complain bitterly of their fate this way. (Again, I do have men friends who are very short and non-hunky, but several of them just became millionaires and so, question solved.)

      One answer for the large gals is that guys are so desperately needy and horny and lost that finally those guys will usually break down and just live with the absurdity of having to date whatever's left to them. Most men I know are on verge of dying of horniness.

      Fortunately for me, when I was quite young, (I used to see this as a misfortune), I was abandoned by my parents and survived only by learning to live without love. So that when I got to be a 5'9", 150 #, bald, 46-year-old, insolvent guy, by then I could live without dating at all, and thank God. Because most of the relationships of mismatche body size, small-guy/big-girl, end up in divorce, with crazy kids produced out of it, and both divorcees ending up alcoholic, insane and bankrupt. So, what started out as a liability, the inability to remain in close relationships, later turned out to be my salvation, because the folks I know that "MUST" be in a relationship, if they are not of the right gender/body-size thing, then they are literally forced into a taking-the-leftovers thing that just means one hellish relationship after another.

      My phone has been ringing off the hood for 30 years, and every day it's these same stories from friends, family members, coworkers. It's all madness. I wish I could say, "Yeah, I just casually happened to notice that petite gals pair up with tall guys," but sadly, not only did I notice, but I looked on in horror.

      But in all fairness to the gals that choose tall guys . . . forget just the chemistry thing: tall guys are shown to score several times the money that short people do, tall guys are better fighters and so can protect people better, tall guys live longer and are better liked and all statistics show that essentially they win out on all levels at all times and in all places to the point that, chemistry or not, you'd have to be nuts not to want one, since tallness, along with heads of thick, black, wavy hair, are essentially a ticket to the easy life, and who doesn't want an easy life? Thin gals get their pick, so they choose total victory. Who wouldn't? Oh sure, they fake like it's an accident or it was spontaneous or other, but that's just a public relations thing to assuage the winner's guilt.

      But here's the final cruelty: So now this couple decided to get together in spite of the awkwardness of all this, but then, since we're all politically correct, then, they must pretend to the most intimate person in their lives that body size doesn't matter, so that this couple is then forced to actually pretend to each other all night and day that the most obvious realities don't exist, hence they become distant, since all their communication eventually becomes an evasion of all this, so then at last, due to the political correctness rules, they are unable to even be intimate on a conversational level, unless sort of issuing public relations statements to each other on a formal nature could be considered intimate. So then, ironically, they end up being more distant than even the shallow couples they envy. And paradoxically, the shallow people who never had to develop their personality much due to their successes, can, as it turns out, speak their minds directly even on sensitive points, so that the gods even hand them greater intimacy after all. Plus then, spiritually they're better off because they're less bitter, which means they're more forgiving, so they even go to heaven too. Oh, the mercilessness of this comos.

      Some people believe in God because they say the world is too wonderful to have not had a Creator. I say just the oppositie. I could never be an Atheist because no Universe this mean could ever come about with such precise tortures as this. Clearly these tortures are so detailed and so unrelenting, or, as one Catholic nun put it, "The world is endlessly inventive with the torments is gives to the poor," that clearly some really shitty person invented all this, just for his or her sick amusement.
      • I do not fail to have compassion for those less fortunate, but I this really doesn't have ANYthing to do with petite women, any more than me being 250lbs and that limiting certain dating options for me does. This is ONLY about "I find someone to blame for things not going my way".

        There is nothing, anywhere, that says everyone, everywhere, will ever be happy, or will find the guy/gal of their dreams, or that they will not face hardship or discrimination. That is called life. Women 4' tall are going to have certain problems dating. Men who are 5' tall will too. This has nothing to do with petite women except to somehow express to them that it is somehow THEIR fault that one person out there is having problems because of genetics that made her 'unusually tall'.

        I think petite ladies rock, and it is NOT their fault, somehow, that your friend is not having the time of her life. For "30 years" people have also been complaining about black men dating white women, and about Aisan women dating white men. It's just as silly to sit here and try and blame tiny women for seeking happiness exactly the way other people do- with those who make them happy. Don't forget, some tiny ladies, love tiny guys, too.

        Should being bitter be justification for taking this issue somewhere that it is not pertinent? Why not take it to the plastic-surgery tribe instead, or the tall guys tribe, or even a gay men's tribe? No gay men were chasing your friend, either, you know, that's just as much guilt as these ladies have, which is to say not at all.

        Love you tiny ladies. Always will. My friend, Kelley was up for the week. She's petite, I love cozy feelings that arise from the size difference, and she's just plain amazing. Petite rocks.


        • Shaman you make a lot of good points and i agree with you. (btw i was the girl who made the comment about the enveloping and so on....) - everyone is different and has qualities that make them unique and i think that there are just as many men out there who prefer larger women who wouldn't have an interest in me at all. there is no one type that wins - personally i have been attracted to all kinds~ i prefer personality over all obviously. -

          it really depends on the person.
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            As a petite woman, I like guys who are no larger than 5'11. But I do prefer for them to have some meat or be broad. There is nothing more delicious than to be wrapped up in his arms... and entire body for that matter.
            • I have decided that what attracts me is a muscular, well balanced body...not too tall. I am petite ....but, as a dancer appreciate the effort put forth into maintaining a fit body. It's tough!!! I love well defined arms....nice broad backs.....and a nice tight .......O.K....enough talking...I'm off to the gym!!!!!
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                Hmmmmm..... I am not too Tall... I also have well balanced body... Nice defined arms... wide shoulders and am tight like a tiger... LOL .... Love that Austin Powers
  • I admit that I'm currently married to a man who is lean, muscular and 7 inches taller than me. My previous lover was only a half inch taller than myself. I can't really say I've ever looked at height as a deciding issue.
    Myself, I'm 5'3" and very ummm round.
    My husband and I look like Abbott and Costello together. :) Good to see I'm not the only one.
    • I am very petite but well curved in the right places - so I've been told. My lover is 5'11" as I stand at 5". He is long and lean with a runners body has well defined muscles. I perfer leaner men, as i can wrap myself around that type of body much easier. Leaner arms also mean tighter hold, don't like buffed or beefy bodies. Being a small woman doesn't mean a small yani either ;-).
  • Well I'm tall 6'2" and I suppose what you'd call muscular. More of a swimmers/water polo body then body builder. I am really only attracted to talll thin girls. While that doesn't exactly fit the "petite" description, it is to me petite. By thin I mean size 0 or 3. By tall I mean 5.7" or more. And before anyone dogs me for this, they are out there, and they need love too. It's amazing to see guys overlook simply beautiful girls for some boob job, tramp stamp bleach blonde.

    Anyway, I suppose my reasons are simular to the ones given. I want someone much smaller than me. I want someone that is a little intimadated by certain situations that I can make feel safe and secure. And on and on. Anyway that's my $.02 worth.
    • Hi y'all!

      I stand at 4'11 and have only dated men 6" or taller. My big personality and high level of assertiveness make up for my small stature. I've found that with taller men it isn't necessary for me to be the strong and assertive one. Which in turn allows me to feel feminine, delicate and more sexy. I like that.

      • You bring up a good point Vani. I have often wondered if Yoni size was related to stature. I doubt that there is any sort of data on this for women but I do know that the data for men supports the view that sex organ size has nothing to do with height, feet or hand size, etc. Personally I think the thought of a tiny woman with that sort of - ahem - capability is just incredibly hot. I'm sure a lot of guys would agree with me.

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